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TechnoMind is a group of freelancers who wanted to think beyond the conventional way to shape the business aspirations. Designing a unique, innovative, creative and yet cost-effective solutions, we can effortlessly convert your imagination into unparalleled products.
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Magic Man Driving School

Magic Man Driving School

Magic Man Driving School is a SGl approved, Saskatchewan based driving school. We are the best driving school to graduate over 500 novice and expert drivers every year These graduates are trained according to the real-world skills to be efficient and defensive drivers who are responsible for their safety and that of fellow drivers on the road Ours is a cohesive driving program that maintains the right equilibrium between In-class and In-car training methodologiesChopadi.com is an attempt to bring Gujarati literature to the masses, readers can enjoy it without any burden on the pocket.




Manjinder Kalsi




20 Days



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