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TechnoMind is a group of freelancers who wanted to think beyond the conventional way to shape the business aspirations. Designing a unique, innovative, creative and yet cost-effective solutions, we can effortlessly convert your imagination into unparalleled products.
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Nuts Royale

Nuts Royale

Take a moment to imagine yourself in a place that brings you joy. Your future self is walking towards you. What advice will you ask yourself? Allow me to guide you through this process of self discovery and enlightenment by guiding you through the importance of living a life of gratitude! Be it a battle with anxiety, depression, or any negative feeling, always remember, one can only feel one emotion at a given time. Gratitude is an exceptional emotion to hold, allowing the negative emotion to pass. My goal is to empower you to become your best self; breaking through barriers, stigmas, co-dependency and limited belief patterns. In the words of Jidda Krishnamurti, “The highest level of human intelligence is to observe oneself without judgement.” I believe you can be anyone you wish to be. It’s my intention to hold space and allow you to manifest your greatest dreams. We will focus on personal growth and maximization of ones success. We are all mirrors of ourselves. I can be the embodiment of what you need on your life’s journey. Chopadi.com is an attempt to bring Gujarati literature to the masses, readers can enjoy it without any burden on the pocket.











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